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Clarity Consulting provides business planning and advice to help privately-owned organisations improve performance, add value and grow.

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Are you sure you’re realising the true potential of your company? As anyone who starts their own business will tell you, you work every minute of the day to make it a success, leaving you little time to focus on achieving your more ambitious aims. Yet it is well known that businesses with clear plans and goals are much more likely to succeed than those without. By building a relationship with you and your business, our friendly development consultants will be able to help you face your fears for the future, realise your aspirations and fully prepare you for what lies ahead. By making your business our business, Clarity allows you to see the path to the future that your company deserves.

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Where do you want your business to be next year, the year after, or five or ten years from now? More profitable? Bigger? Market-leading? All three perhaps?

Whatever your short or long-term business plans, one thing’s for sure, achieving them requires real focus and very careful planning. Two things usually in short supply when you’re busy running your business day-to-day. This is where Clarity can help.

Our extensive experience and in-depth and objective expertise covers all aspects of successful business development – from identifying where you are currently, to creating and implementing a plan to help you get where you want to be. Put simply, we’re here to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible from start to finish.

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  • "We have been working with the Bourne Group, specifically John Hughes, for around 18 months now. Initially we engaged with John on an accountancy basis but that relationship quickly flourished into him becoming a trusted adviser in the management and running of our business. 

    Last year, we had to undergo a share and ownership restructure and John’s advice was invaluable in helping us to reach a successful conclusion in a relatively quick timeframe. 

    In my opinion he has constantly demonstrated sharp business acumen, he understands the vagaries of different businesses and industries and he is willing to work with you in a very open, constructive and direct manner – this is exactly the type of advisor that I was looking for."

    Grant Vowls, Managing Director, Chameleon International

  • "My firm, which is a city-based boutique financial services recruiter, has outsourced its entire finance function to Brewers and Clarity.

    The team is extremely responsive and provides a highly personalised service. Over the years John Hughes has provided me with invaluable business advice on a highly confidential basis to the extent that he has become an indispensable trusted adviser.

    All in all, the relationships with Clarity and Brewers provide me with complete peace of mind and enable me to focus on the core issues of running a demanding and fast-moving executive search consultancy."

    Paul Hunt, Managing Director, Healy Hunt Partners Ltd

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